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Support ARSP's Run4Peace

What You Can Do For Peace

Six volunteers, staff and friends will participate in a 10K run in New York on April 19th. They dedicate their run to ARSP's work for peace and reconciliation. Please support our runners by making a donation of $10 (or more).


Purim in Berlin and more

ARSP's Latest News

Lots of things are happening at ARSP this spring! Find out more in our current newsletter.


Your Gift Can Make a Difference

ARSP Changes Lives

ARSP volunteers are "angels sent by heaven," said Holocaust survivor Alex T. in an interview. For our volunteers, visits with survivors are a special gift. "I know that meeting survivors shaped and changed my life," said Clara S. Hundreds of clients are served by us each year. Your support makes this happen! Please donate now!


Charity Bike Ride from DC to Philly

ARSP's Tour 4 Action

This October, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace sponsored its first bicycle ride to raise money in support of its work in the United States. The “Tour 4 Action”, raised $4,000! Thank you to all our supporters!


Jewish life in Germany Today

ARSP's Assael Häußler was invited to speak about his experiences growing up as a young Jew in Berlin at the opening ceremony for the exhibition "Jewish life in Germany Today" in October.


ARSP welcomes new volunteers for 2014-15

Meet the new ARSP volunteers!

On September 9, twenty-two German volunteers arrived in Philadelphia for 9 days of orientation, before heading off to their one-year-placements in 11 cities across the Northeast and Midwest. Learn more about them!


Testimonies from Germany Close Up participants

Meeting Modern Germany

It has been a busy summer for Germany Close Up with many groups of young Jewish Americans visiting. The encounter with Germany leaves a deap impression. Writes one participant, "This is not your average Euro trip. For me, this is a chance to explore many levels of German post-Shoah society, while exploring Jewish identity."


Press release

ARSP condemns wave of antisemitism

"We call on our political leaders and all members of society to do everything they can to make sure that anti-Semitism finds no place at the table”, said Jutta Weduwen, Executive Director of ARSP in Berlin.


Our volunteers are making a difference in people's lives

ARSP In Action

Soon our 22 German volunteers will head back home. Find out how their service with Holocaust survivors, homeless families and disadvantaged children has changed their lives and the lives of their clients.


ARSP volunteers commemorate

Yom Hashoah

All 22 ARSP volunteers have gathered in Washington this week. Many of the activities are dedicated to the commeration of Yom Hashoah. ARSP will show the movie "Hanna's Journey" followed by a discussion about the future of remembrance.


American volunteer speaking on liberation of Dachau

March Onward

American ARSP volunteer Lynn Williams was asked to speak at the ceremony commemorating the liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp 69 years ago.


ARSP volunteer on his work at Earth Day coalition

Happy Earth Day!

In 1970, US Senator of Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson organized the first ever Earth Day, an international celebrated environmental action day, which is celebrated every year on April 22.


Events in DC, Chicago and New York

Germany Close Up and ARSP

More than 100 people came to the German Consulate in New York to celebrate the release of the essay collection "Remembering the past - shaping the future" and the new partnership of Germany Close Up with ARSP.


German trainees come to volunteer in the US

In June, six landscape apprentices take part in a two-week voluntary service program organized by ARSP.


German-Jewish Dialogue and Reconciliation

Learn more about our event series in April dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance, German-Jewish Dialogue and Reconciliation featuring Israeli keynote-speaker Reuven Merhav, Holocaust survivors and others.


Voices of ARSP

Learn more about work and life of the ARSP Volunteers


Book Launch

"Reconciling Lives" released in Berlin

On October 12, 2012, Alvin Gilens' book "Reconciling Lives" on encounters of ARSP volunteers with Holocaust survivors was officially launched at a reception at Allianz headquarters in Berlin, Germany.


Project Ezra’s Jayne Skoff visits ARSP in Israel

“Brucha Haba’a” at Beit Ben Yehuda!

Jayne Skoff of ARSP partner Project Ezra in New York took the opportunity to get to know the work of ARSP in Israel on her recent visit to Jerusalem.


ARSP volunteers create green space in My Place Germantown

Doing Good with Hearts AND Hands in Philly

ARSP co-sponsored a special Summer Camp late June/early July to bring German and American participants together...


Volunteer's Voices

Intern Insight: Isabel Tamoj

Article about Isabel Tamoj in the volunteers' magazine "Volunteer Voice" of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Tri-national Seminar

ARSP Hosts Tri-national Seminar on Immigrant Youth and Integration

Do different philosophies about integrating immigrants into society have a meaningful effect on how practitioners - those who work directly with immigrant youth - view and do their jobs?


Summer Camp

ARSP "Summer Camp" at Cesky-Tesin

"Summer Camps" - or as they are known in German, "Sommerlager" - are a very special program of ARSP. They provide a unique opportunity for people to travel and connect with each other while at the same time doing good in the world in a tangible, visible way..


Contact Information

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
phone: (+1) 215-241-7249
fax: (+1) 215-241-7252

ARSP Blogs

ARSP volunteers blog about their life and work in the US. more

Upcoming Events

April 17, 6:30 pm, DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner at American University.

April 18, 11 am, DC: Tour at USHMM with ARSP volunteer.

April 19, New York: Run4Peace Fundraiser run. Please show your support to our runners by making a donation now!

May 12, DC: Movie Screening of "Ein Apartment in Berlin" and Panel Discussion on 50th anniversary of German-Israeli relations.

May 15, DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner with AJC-ACCESS Third Generation Initiative, Germany Close Up and ARSP.

Experience History Together - Summer Camps 2015

Two weeks of learning, working and experiencing history - our summer camps support Jewish communities, do maintenance work on memorial sites and involve in social and political projects. Register now!


Past Events

Feb 20, 6 pm, DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner at George Mason University.

Feb 6, 8 pm, DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner at George Washington University.

Jan 21, 12:30 pm, DC: Tour with ARSP at USHMM. Read a report here.

Dec. 10, Chicago: German-Jewish Dialogue Event at the Goethe-Institut

Dec. 7, 12 pm, Philly: Meeting the ARSP class 2014-15 at the Friends Center.

Nov. 12, NYC: German-Jewish Dialogue Event at the German Consulate

Nov. 4, 6-8 pm, Philly: ARSP Meet&Greet at Project Home

Oct. 20, 6:30 pm, DCGerman-Jewish Dialogue and Networking Reception

Oct. 21, 7 pm, DC: ARSP at Opening of Jewish Life in Germany Today

Oct. 22-26, DC-PhillyARSP Tour 4 Action Charity Bike Ride

Oct. 22, 7 pm, Baltimore: ARSP at Moishe House

Oct. 23, 9 am: ARSP meets with Bishop of Delaware-Maryland

Oct. 23, 4 pm: ARSP at Sour Beef Festival, Baltimore.

August 28, 6:00 pm, Philadelphia: Farewell picnic of ARSP's 2013-14 volunteers

May 2, 6:00 pm, Washington DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner

April 3, 6:30 pm, Chicago: Remembering the Past - Shaping the Future

April 7, 6 pm, Washington DC:  Remembering the Past - Shaping the Future

April 10, 7 pm, New York:  Remembering the Past - Shaping the Future

April 11, 6 pm, Washington DC: German-Jewish Shabat Dinner

April 27, 9:30 am, Washington DC: Sunday service at the German Lutheran Church with participation of ARSP volunteers commemorating Yom Hashoah

April 28, 6:30 pm, Washington DC: Yom Hashoah - German-Jewish Dialogue


Past events

June 22, 5 pm, in Baltimore: "Learning from the past - taking a stand today - creating a better future". Talk with former and current German ARSP volunteers and trainees about 45 years of ARSP in the United States.


German-Jewish Dialogue and Reconciliation:

April 7, 10:00 am, Philadelphia.
April 18, 6:30 pm, Washington, DC.
April 22, 6:30 pm, Miami.
April 23, 6:00 pm, Chicago.


Friday, February 8, 6:15 pm, Fairfax, VA: German-Jewish Dialogue: Shabbat Dinner at George Mason University.


Friday, April 12, 6:00 pm, American University, DC: German-Jewish Dialogue: Shabbat Dinner.


Sunday, April 7, Philadelphia: Yom Hashoah commemoration event.


January 31, 6:30 pm, San Francisco: "Reconciling Lives", Book Release and Panel Discussion on German-Jewish relations at the Goethe Institute.


December 13, 5:30 pm, Philadelphia: "Reconciling Lives", Book Release and Panel Discussion on German-Jewish relations at the Gershman Y.


December 4, Chicago: "REFUGE: Stories of the Selfhelp Home." ARSP volunteer Pia Kulhawy will speak on the occasion of the screening Ethan Bensinger's "REFUGE: Stories of the Selfhelp Home".


November 29, 6 pm, New York: "Reconciling Lives", Book Release and Panel Discussion on German-Jewish relations at the German Consulate General.


November 4, 2012: "Reconciling Lives", at "The Esther Tuzman Memorial Holocaust Teach-In", Gratz College, Melrose Park.


October 12, 2012: Book Launch "Reconciling Lives" in Berlin, Germany.