ARSP "Summer Camp" at Cesky-Tesin

We often talk about making the world a better place, but find it hard to translate our words into actions. "Summer Camps" - or as they are known in German, "Sommerlager" - are a very special program of ARSP. They provide a unique opportunity for people to travel and connect with each other while at the same time doing good in the world in a tangible, visible way.

This past summer, three American participants took part in a special summer camp in Cesky-Tesin, on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. The goal: to clean up a neglected Jewish cemetary, to reflect on the history of the region, and to engage with each other across cultural divides that often separate us.

One of the American participants, David Milstein, tried to capture this experience on film. A two-minute trailer for the documentary he is making is available on-line here: He plans to release the full documentary soon. In the meantime, the trailer conveys a little bit about the Sommerlager experience.

For more information on ARSP summer camps, please click here.