Thoughts about the war in Ukraine
by Jutta Weduwen, Executive Director of ASF Germany

We are shocked by the escalation of the war in Ukraine, which has reached a new level with the current expansion of Russian attacks. Our thoughts are with our partners and with all people in Ukraine and the region who are affected by this war. At the beginning of February, our seven German volunteers from Ukraine returned to Germany. They left their projects in Kyjiv, Perejaslav and Odessa. With them, we follow with great sadness and bewilderment the current events. Volunteers from Ukraine are currently participating in our volunteer programs in Germany and Poland. Like all Ukrainians outside the country, they are very worried about their families and friends.

We keep in touch with our partners in Ukraine and support all actions that show solidarity with Ukraine. Moreover, we encourage every effort to end the war. In this respect, we will share, repost, and spread all calls for action!