Social Services with Marginalized Groups

ARSP works with groups that are marginalized in the United States today. Some of these groups, such as the mentally ill, were also victims during the Nazi regime. In showing solidarity with groups that are discriminated against, ARSP contributes to social peace.

Our partner organizations for 2015-2016 are:

Christus Lutheran Church /New Visions Homeless Shelter - Providing a place of warmth | Camden, NJ

Innisfree Village - A voluntary community with adults with mental disabilities | Crozet, VA

Northwest Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network - Helping homeless families | Philadelphia, PA

Project H.O.M.E. - Help to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty | Philadelphia, PA

William Penn House | Washington, DC

In previous years ARSP volunteers worked also in the following placements:

Christus Lutheran Academy - Create a safe space for learning | Camden, NJ

Trinity Presbyterian Church - Providing a variety of social services to the poor | New York, NY

N Street Village - Working with homeless people | Washington, D.C.

Rosie's Place -  Helping homeless Women | Boston, MA

Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League - Working with young gay Community | Washington, D.C.

St. Paul's Community Church - Working with poverty | Cleveland, OH

The Night Ministry - Community work in a poor neighborhood | Chicago, IL

Cobble Hill Nursing Home - helping eldery people| Brooklyn, NY

4th World Movement - working in a street libary | New York, NY

Aids ActionCommittee - working with aids affected | Boston, MA

Alderson Hospitality House - working with female convicts | Alderson, VA

Bethel New Life - helping in poor neighborhoods | Chicago, IL

Camphill Village - A voluntary community with adults with mental disabilities | Kimberton, PA