Service for Peace - Striving for Inclusiveness

Service for Peace

Striving for Inclusiveness

Service for Peace - Teaching through the Arts

Service for Peace

Teaching through the Arts

Service for Peace - Giving a helping hand

Service for Peace

Giving a helping hand

Service for Peace - Learning to understand

Service for Peace

Learning to understand

Service for Peace - Working together

Service for Peace

Working together

Service for Peace - Experiencing History

Service for Peace

Experiencing History

Volunteer Services with ARSP

Volunteer Services with ARSP

You are interested in historical, social, and political issues and would like to take action for peace, international understanding and human rights? We offer one-year volunteer services for young people from Ukraine in Poland and for people from Poland in Great Britain, as well as volunteer services for people from all countries in Germany. You also have the opportunity to take part in a summer camp and experience history while doing practical work with your own hands in an international group.

Growing Together Detroit!

Watch the summer camp in action!

Watch this clip of ARSP's summer program in Detroit. Jewish and African Americans and Germans worked together in a Northeast Detroit neighborhood, hit particularly hard by the economic and municipal crisis of the past years.


ARSP volunteers joined in several cities in the United States the Women's March 2018

January 2018 Women's March

Many of our ARSP volunteers joined the Women's March in the cities they live-and serve in since September 2017. They marched in Cleveland, New York, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Cambridge. They created their own signs and joined thousand of others who marched for equality, tolerance and inclusiveness.


Annual Bike Ride Fundraiser: We're looking for Riders!

Ride - 4 - Action 2018- a bicycle journey with camping

Who : Current ARSP volunteers and YOU!
Where: Philadelphia to Washington D.C.
When : Saturday May 5th - May 9th or the shorter "First Night Ride"on May 5-6, 2018

We are asking participating riders to raise a minimum of $500 for the full course, and those participating on the
First Night Ride to raise/contribute $150.
INTERESTED: Get in touch with US Program Director Mark McGuigan at or call us
at 267.241.5780


Yom Hashoah

Remembering and Learning

"Don't let us be forgotten!" said Holocaust survivor Nesse Godin in an interview to our volunteer Thomas who serves with Moment Magazine. Hundreds of young people engage every year with ARSP in projects dedicated to remembering the Holocaust.


Meeting The First Lady Of Germany

"You are doing important work"

ARSP and Germany Close Up fellows had the honor to meet with Daniela Schadt, "First Lady" of Germany, and other members of the delegation accompanying the German President on his first state visit to the US, in October. "You are doing such an important work," said Ms. Schadt to our fellows.


50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Israel

Events on the East Coast and the Midwest

On May 12th, 1965, Germany and Israel established diplomatic relations. ARSP organized a series of events discussing the future of this special relationship.


German-Jewish Shabbat Dinners in DC

Sharing Bread And Ideas

It was a busy spring for Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and especially our fellow at the AJC in Washington DC, Simon Schwesig. Simon helped to organize four Shabbat Dinners in DC, bringing together young American Jewish professionals and Germans.


Jewsish life in Germany Today

ARSP volunteer speaks at opening of exhibition

ARSP's Assael Häußler was invited to speak about his experiences growing up as a young Jew in Berlin at the opening ceremony for the exhibition "Jewish life in Germany Today" in October.


Meeting Modern Germany

Testimonies from Germany Close Up participants

It has been a busy summer for Germany Close Up with many groups of young Jewish Americans visiting. The encounter with Germany leaves a deap impression. Writes one participant, "This is not your average Euro trip. For me, this is a chance to explore many levels of German post-Shoah society, while exploring Jewish identity."


ARSP In Action

Our volunteers are making a difference in people's lives

Soon our 22 German volunteers will head back home. Find out how their service with Holocaust survivors, homeless families and disadvantaged children has changed their lives and the lives of their clients.


Yom Hashoah

ARSP volunteers commemorate

All 22 ARSP volunteers have gathered in Washington this week. Many of the activities are dedicated to the commeration of Yom Hashoah. ARSP will show the movie "Hanna's Journey" followed by a discussion about the future of remembrance.


March Onward

American volunteer speaking on liberation of Dachau

American ARSP volunteer Lynn Williams was asked to speak at the ceremony commemorating the liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp 69 years ago.


Germany Close Up and ARSP

Events in DC, Chicago and New York

More than 100 people came to the German Consulate in New York to celebrate the release of the essay collection "Remembering the past - shaping the future" and the new partnership of Germany Close Up with ARSP.


German trainees come to volunteer in the US

In June, six landscape apprentices take part in a two-week voluntary service program organized by ARSP.


German-Jewish Dialogue and Reconciliation

Learn more about our event series in April dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance, German-Jewish Dialogue and Reconciliation featuring Israeli keynote-speaker Reuven Merhav, Holocaust survivors and others.


Voices of ARSP

Learn more about work and life of the ARSP Volunteers


"Reconciling Lives" released in Berlin

Book Launch

On October 12, 2012, Alvin Gilens' book "Reconciling Lives" on encounters of ARSP volunteers with Holocaust survivors was officially launched at a reception at Allianz headquarters in Berlin, Germany.


Doing Good with Hearts AND Hands in Philly

ARSP volunteers create green space in My Place Germantown

ARSP co-sponsored a special Summer Camp late June/early July to bring German and American participants together...


Intern Insight: Isabel Tamoj

Volunteer's Voices

Article about Isabel Tamoj in the volunteers' magazine "Volunteer Voice" of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


ARSP Hosts Tri-national Seminar on Immigrant Youth and Integration

Tri-national Seminar

Do different philosophies about integrating immigrants into society have a meaningful effect on how practitioners - those who work directly with immigrant youth - view and do their jobs


ARSP "Summer Camp" at Cesky-Tesin

Summer Camp

"Summer Camps" - or as they are known in German, "Sommerlager" - are a very special program of ARSP. They provide a unique opportunity for people to travel and connect with each other while at the same time doing good in the world in a tangible, visible way..


Save the date for Interreligious Gathering for Peace

Interreligious Gathering for Peace Wednesday May 2nd, 2018 at 6 PM

ARSP volunteers Ella Marie and Marlene invite you

Come and participate in a joyful interfaith experience at the German Lutheran Church of St. Paul's
on 315 West 22 Street.
Action Reconciliation Service for Peace Volunteers Ella Marie and Marlene, the Reverend Miriam Groß and Rabbi Brian Fink would love to see at 6 pm for the service, followed by a kosher reception at 7 pm.
RSVP via Eventbrite ("Dove Power-Interreligious Gathering for Peace), or or call us at 646.403.7802.