ARSP's Tri-national seminar on immigrant youth and integration continues in Philadelphia and Paris

Do different philosophies about integrating immigrants into society have a meaningful effect on how practitioners - those who work directly with immigrant youth - view and do their jobs? Are there important lessons to be learned by professionals sharing their experiences across national boundaries?

In March and June 2012, twenty-four such practitioners from three countries - Germany, France, and the United States - gathered in Philadelphia and Paris to continue their discussion begun in Berlin in October 2011. The sessions were the second and third of the seminar "Melting Pots to Tossed Salads," and participants were social workers, teachers, and advocates who work directly with immigrant youth in their respective countries.

In a series of formal and informal discussions, presentations, and project visits, the participants considered the current state of immigration policies in each of their countries, shared their own experiences, and encounter relevant projects in Philadelphia.

The seminar is a joint project of ARSP and bapob, Berliner Arbeitskreis für politische Bildung  (Berlin Working Commitee on Civic Education).  We want to thank the German French Youth Office who's financial, moral, and logistical support makes this program possible.