Volunteer's Voices

Our volunteers share their impressions and experiences of what it means to do a volunteer service with ARSP.

50 Years Ago

The first ARSP volunteers

In 1968, the first groups of ARSP volunteers arrived in the United States. Here they write about their experiences.


Almost a year ago

I am grateful, I got the chance to become who I am today

A "Hello" from former ARSP volunteer Niklas who served at Dorot in New York City.


Almost a year ago

The voluntary service with ARSP gave me wings

Even though I am still learning to fly, it also provided me with many helping hands that pick me up if I fall.


Preventing homelessness for families in Philadelphia

Volunteering at PIHN

We are proud to be partnered with Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) who is serving the community since 1991.


A new home for eight months

Arriving in Cleveland Ohio

Carlynn like many other ARSP volunteers, who applied during the main covid 19 pandemic, were waiting for month in Germany to find out when or if they could start their volunteer service.


Felix in Chicago

If you love Movies, Plays and the Opera

Felix arrived in September 2019 in Chicago and started his year of service with Selfhelp Home for the Aged. He took to his work like a fish to water and found Chicago is the culture heaven for him.


Being an activist

There is still Guantanamo Bay

Line Marie remembers her participation at the annual liquid fast in Washington DC


Svenja's Day

Being responsible for someone else

Hello, I am Svenja, I am one of two ARSP volunteers at Innisfree Village a life sharing community in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Working with Holocaust Survivors

ARSP volunteer Tim shares his story

Tim is a volunteer at the Holocaust Center of Pittsburg for the last 8 month..learn


Serving Chicagoland's Children

Confronted with Poverty

Sometimes, while doing good you wonder if it is enough, Lotta, ARSP volunteer, is sharing her thoughts regarding her work at Cradles to Crayons, a wonderful non profit organization that supplies children with essential items in Chicago.


Living History

Volunteers hearing from Survivors

During the one year stay, our volunteers are asked to interview a person they get to know while living and serving in the United States. Balthasar and Lotte, our ARSP volunteers at the Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie, IL interviewed several Holocaust Survivors.