I am Niklas and I was at DOROT in New York with ARSP in 2017/2018. Since my return to Germany, I am studying political science.

 Almost a year has passed since I left the program, but I still feel empowered every day by what I experienced during that year.

 Today I am a member of the Green Youth in Germany and the Amnesty International Global Youth Collective.

 I am writing articles and doing some public relation work for those political youth organizations. It is important to make people aware of the growing anti-Semitic attitudes in Germany and Europe and fight against it. Another topic very high on my list is to assure that we have more humanitarian migration policies. I have written numerous letters to representatives, traveled on my own to the south of Europe to volunteer in soup kitchens for refugees.

I would have never imagined the impact of the experience with ARSP, I am unbelievably grateful; I got the chance to become who I am today!

Best wishes,