Summer Camps

Every year ARSP sponsors Summer Camps (Sommerlager) in Europe where people from different countries and cultures get together to do
practical work and discuss the role of reconciliation in the world and
in our lives.

Each camp brings together committed individuals to undertake a hands-on project that also promotes
intercultural understanding and reflection about the past. It is a chance to meet new people, and for many, to have an encounter that can be very profound and healing.

The summer camps will be led and prepared by volunteer leadership teams. Of course, no preparations can be perfect, and not everything can be planned to the last detail, so every camp includes a bit of uncertainty, improvization and surprise.

In summer camps of ARSP's very different people are to be met spending their work and leisure time together. The activities are planned and carried out in the group. We are looking for participants who are dedicated and open to anything. You should therefore like to work in a group and bring many ideas to create your summer camp. The initiative lies with you.

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Please pay attention to the language prerequisites of your respective summer camp.